Focus Meditation

Focus Meditations

Focus NeuroMeditation can help improve focus, attention, concentration, executive functioning, and brain activity, increasing cognitive fuction.

Dr. Jeff Tarrant guides you through this focused attention practice that is designed specifically to improve concentration.  Focus Meditation is a foundation for all other meditation styles, helping to stabilize the mind. It may be beneficial for individuals struggling with ADHD, cognitive decline, memory, and other cognitive difficulties.

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 Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditations

Mindfulness NeuroMeditation can help develop a calm, non-judging awareness and the ability to distance oneself from thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

 Open Heart Meditation

Open Heart MEditations

Open Heart NeuroMeditation can help improve mood and allow one to become more empathic, loving, kind and generous. 

 Quiet Mind Meditation

Quiet Mind Meditations

Quiet Mind NeuroMeditation can help minimize internal self-talk, experience peace, calm and equanimity.


4 Styles Meditation

Not sure of your NeuroMeditation style?  This meditation encompasses all 4 styles of NeuroMeditation, allowing you to experience some of each.

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