Become a Certified NeuroMeditaion Institute Provider

Why become certified?

The certification process in NeuroMeditation was specifically developed to provide advanced training in the concepts, theories, science and methods of NeuroMeditation. By completing the certification process, you are advancing your skill and knowledge and demonstrating your competence. NMI Therapists interested in continuing their training are invited to apply to become a NeuroMeditation Instructor (NMI-I).

NMI Therapist: Get Certified

Applicants successfully completing NMI certification will have mastered the basic skills necessary to competently use NeuroMeditation assessments, skills and tools with a variety of clients. The Certification process contains both standardized requirements as well as individualized elements so that you will be able to effectively apply this work toward your specific areas of interest (e.g., trauma focused, groups, working with adolescents, EEG NeuroMeditation). NMI Certified Therapists can use the initials NMI-T after their name, identifying their successful completion. Their bio and contact information will be listed on the NMI website in the Find a Provider section. Events taught by certified therapists will be promoted on the NMI website and Facebook page. Certified therapists will receive discounts on future trainings, workshops, retreats and teaching materials. Certified Therapists will also be eligible to continue their training to become NMI Instructors.

A clinician who is an NMI certified Therapist (NMI-T) has been licensed in their profession for independent practice and has a minimum of two years experience in their field (in specific instances, exceptions can be made to this rule, please contact Dr. Tarrant if you have specific questions). They have completed an NMI Level 1 workshop (e.g., "Mindfulness Interventions to Rewire the Brain"), conducted a minimum of 30 clinical sessions in which NeuroMeditation was utilized, and completed 15 hours of consultation with a NMI Approved Consultant. Additional requirements include a book review and the development of a personal NeuroMeditation practice.

After completing all requirements and submitting the application and initial certification fee ($300), certification is granted for 2 years. Six hours of CE and a re-certification fee ($150) are required every 2 years to maintain active status.

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