NeuroMEditation Workshops


Mindfulness-based interventions to rewire the brain

Learn how to bring Mindfulness into your personal and professional life now! Join us as we connect the dots between the actual practices of mindfulness and the direct impact on the brain and daily functioning.


NeuroMeditation 3-Day Certificate Workshop

In this workshop, you will receive detailed instruction on how to successfully use dozens of core and advanced skills and learn how to apply them to the specific mental health disorders you see in your office each day. You'll have the chance to master what you’ve learned so you are confident and ready to use these techniques and tools in your very next session!   



In this workshop, we will explore five different styles of meditation practices based on the role of attention, intention, brainwave states and brain regions involved; these styles include Focus, Mindfulness, Open Heart, Quiet Mind, and Deep States. Based on client goals and concerns, we can identify which practices might be best suited for each individual.

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NMI Yoga Workshops

Yoga is rewiring your brain.

Research clearly shows that meditation can significantly change the structure and function of the brain. Different forms of practice alter your brain uniquely, and we can use this information to tailor our yoga practices.