Virtual Reality and NeuroMeditation

A Sample of a StoryUp Virtual Reality Experience

Healium is a tech-enabled wellness tool that allows users to quickly change their state of mind through short, powerful experiences. The experiences are driven by your brain via a low profile brain-computer interface, or BCI. The user is immersed in a virtual reality environment, in the world's first VR platform fueled by your mind.

Stress is the 21st-century EPIDEMIC. Healium helps users beat stress by enabling them to get away, learn more about their emotional state, the importance of mental wellness, and the impact it has on their lives.

The Positivity Virtual Reality Experience for Muse is Available Now for Free!

The Positivity Virtual Reality Experience for Muse is Available Now for Free!

In this NeuroMeditation, use your positive emotions to glide to the top of a beautiful waterfall. This experience works with or passively without a Muse Meditation Headband and measures your left frontal gamma brainwave activity which is associated with Positivity. As you shift your feelings into a heartfelt, positive state, your brainwaves will glide you up to the top of a waterfall. Your goal is to keep those blue brainwaves above the red bar. As you glide back down the mountain, experience a Positivity story about a group of aging Veterans. Available free here!

StoryUp is also a part of and have a guest blog post: "Your Brainwaves as a Story Steering Wheel"

Anxiety Levels before and after a NeuroMeditation Virtual Reality session.

Jeff M. Tarrant*, Jeremy Viczko**, Hannah Cope*
*NeuroMeditation Institute, LLC, United States, **Psychology, University of Victoria, Canada

In this study, we examined the impact of a brief nature-based mindfulness VR experience on anxious participants. Dependent variables included self-reported anxiety symptoms as well as changes in brainwave (EEG) activity and current source density estimates.

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