Vibroacoustic therapy


Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) directs specific sound frequencies into a massage table or chair. The sound is translated into vibrations experienced throughout the body. When combined with select  music and brainwave entrainment technologies, this technique  becomes a powerful tool directly influencing mind and body.

How does this work?

At a very basic level, everything, including the cells that make up your body, are energy.  There are vibrations dancing at different frequencies. When you expose the body to specific frequencies,  they interact with the naturally occurring vibrations present in the body. This process  occurs every day, we are just usually unaware. For example,  the electromagnetic frequency between the Earth and the ionosphere has a direct impact on human functioning, generating a calming or “grounding” effect on brainwaves and heart rhythms. In fact, this specific frequency (7.83 hz) is artificially pumped into spacecraft to prevent “space sickness.” Ultrasound, another form of specific frequencies or energy,  is used to break up kidney stones. In  these examples, vibrations/energy tuned at specific frequencies can be used to disrupt or tonify the human body. VAT is based on the same principles.  We use specially crafted music/vibration protocols to stimulate healing, promote deep relaxation, and quiet the mind.


In our office, we offer both individual and group VAT sessions. Private sessions take place in a spa-like environment with a variety of props to help you become as comfortable as possible. Your session can be individually designed to meet your specific needs.

We have protocols designed for:

  • Stress Relief

  • Pain Management

  • Emotional Release

  • Meditation

  • Journey Work

Clients report  experiencing deep relaxation, increased energy, and improved mood. VAT is often compared to a massage or float tank experience.

Individual 45-minute sessions: $65

With 30-minute consultation: $140

Group sessions: $250/hour (up to 6 people)

Contact Dr. Tarrant to book a session: