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"Your seminar knocked my socks off. I was so amazingly thrilled at the substance of information you shared, your experiences and all the biofeedback. I already ordered my AV David set. And your incredible 'body scan' helped me through a difficult night where I had a vise like occipital headache. You are extremely gifted and an amazing, interesting and passionate presenter. Thank you so much for all the meaningful work...and healing work you do in this world."

− E.K.


"During the time when Dr. Tarrant got to the source of my tension in my shoulders and neck area, by following his instruction I was able to release tension and felt gentle vibration throughout my body but concentrating in my arms and hands. It proved to be a very pleasant and welcoming experience. Almost a spiritual experience."

− D.K.


"Hi Dr. Tarrant, 

I wanted to let you know how valuable I found your PESI course, ''Changing the ADHD  brain'', which I recently finished on DVD.

You're a born teacher and natural presenter, thank you for an engaging presentation style which makes the material come alive!

I got so much out of the course, I plan to keep it handy so i can pop it in the tv as needed!"

− G.M.