EEG NeuroMeditation 1 Day Training in Ottawa, Canada

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EEG NeuroMeditation 1 Day Training in Ottawa, Canada

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In this workshop, we will utilize the knowledge and tools from the previous 3 day training (add link) and explore the art and science of teaching meditation with EEG biofeedback. We will work extensively with the Quiet Mind and Altered States protocols:

The Quiet Mind style of NeuroMeditation involves developing a restful presence and pure awareness. This practice may be particularly beneficial in reducing negative self-talk and working with a variety of mental health conditions. This strategy may be ideal for addictions, affect regulation, and personality-based concerns.

The Altered States style of NeuroMeditation results in expanded consciousness and deepening insight. It is helpful in reducing defensiveness, letting go of “ego,” and integrating past traumas. This approach may be particularly beneficial for PTSD. As part of this workshop, you will receive standard (2-channel) and sLORETA NeuroMeditation protocols for each meditation style and have multiple opportunities to practice with each one. The approaches to EEG NeuroMeditation taught in this workshop can be used immediately to achieve deeper states of meditation or as a treatment intervention for mental health conditions
such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, or PTSD.

* Dr. Tarrant will be using BrainMaster neurofeedback equipment. Owning equipment is not a requirement for attendance.