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Healium VR

Stress is the 21st-century EPIDEMIC. Healium helps users beat stress by enabling them to get away, learn more about their emotional state, the importance of mental wellness, and the impact it has on their lives. Learn more about Healium here.

New Mind Webinar

Check out Dr. Tarrant's webinar on NeuroMeditation! Part One (above) covers an introduction to EEG neuromeditation, as well as the Focus and Mindfulness NeuroMeditation styles. Part 2 (below) covers Open Heart, Quiet Mind, and Altered States NeuroMeditation styles.


Dr. Tarrant appeared on the Quantum Yoga Podcast to talk about NeuroMeditation! Check it out here or find more Quantum Yoga Here!

Learn the key differences between mindfulness and meditation, how to tell if you're meditating correctly, and learn about the different styles of meditation. Check it out here or find more A Healthy Curiosity Here!

Learn about StoryUP’s platform Healium, traditional neurofeedback modalities, humanity’s current transition from storytelling to story living, what your brain looks like on empathy, our potential therapeutic future, and more! More VRScout Here!

TV Segment with life coach Kerry geocaris

NeuroMeditation Institute was featured on a few short news segment about meditation! Watch them and check out more with Kerry Geocaris Here!


eeg neuromeditation in the corvallis advocate

The past 15 years have seen an increase of studies on the impact and scientific viability of meditation practices. Some of that work is actually being done right here in Corvallis, stemming from individuals with personal practices to groups and organizations founded specifically to facilitate meditation opportunities and growth... Read More