Normen Schack, NMI Instructor

Normen Schack is a certified occupational therapist and naturopath in Hannover, Germany.

Since 2009, Normen has been working with neurofeedback and biofeedback and has become a popular international trainer. He has certifications as a QEEG Expert, Neurofeedback, Peak Performance, and NeuroMeditation Instructor. Currently, Normen is the Director of one of the largest neurofeedback institutes in Germany. 

In 2016, Normen founded the QEEG Research Unit to examine brainwave changes that occur during specific states of meditation. This work has led to working directly with Dr. Joe Dispenza during his workshops and retreats. 

With this background, Normen has continued to develop new programs designed to measure the mind/body connection.

Using a variety of techniques including QEEG (Quantitative EEG), heart rate variability, GDV (Gas Discharge Viewer) and BIA (Body Impedance Analysis),  Normen has developed a new branch of his clinic called "Daily Genius," designed to evaluate energetic techniques through an exclusive worldwide franchise called "Human Frequency Center."