Molly Menster, NMI Instructor

Molly Menster, NMI Trainer

Ms. Molly Menster, LMSW, A.C.C.H.T., NMI-I is a licensed clinical social worker, advanced certified clinical hypnotherapist, educator and trainer. Molly devoted much of her early career to the areas of pastoral work, intercultural competence, and elevating underrepresented groups. This work led to a deep understanding of the interconnections of mind, body, heart and soul and formed the basis for her mindfulness-based approach as a therapist and teacher.

Molly's advanced hypnotherapy training has provided her intimate experience with the subconscious mind and effective ways to tap into its power to create healing. She is also a practiced meditator and yoga instructor.  Molly has put this practice and training to use by developing and teaching courses that combine meditation and intercultural competence. These programs have included Mindful Leadership, Instructor Training for Intercultural Competence and Managing Intercultural Conflict. As the first certified NeuroMeditation Trainer, Molly is a student of Dr. Jeff Tarrant and has been involved in developing and advancing the work of the NeuroMeditation Institute.

Her extensive experience as a trainer and facilitator has led to a deep understanding of the adult learner and guides her engaging style of teaching. Molly's commitment to continued education and personal growth make her authentic, practical, and relevant to practitioners.