• NeuroMeditation Institute (map)
  • 115 W. 8th Ave., Ste. 360
  • Eugene, OR 97401
  • United States

This is a 60-minute guided breathwork practice designed to supercharge your mind, body, and spirit into a higher state of vibration leading to a deep meditative bliss. This powerful combination of evocative music, guided breathwork, and group energy can lead to improved health, clear intentions, connection to inner truths, and even psychedelic experiences. Because some of the breathwork practices can be intense, it is recommended that you do NOT attend if you have any chronic health conditions, cancer, or lung/breathing concerns (including COPD).

This practice uses a series of ancient breathing techniques put into a sequence that combines rhythmical breathing to beat driven music, vocal toning/humming, breath retention, and meditation/visualization techniques. The rhythmical breathing phase hyper-oxygenates the body, bringing in more oxygen and blowing out more carbon dioxide than normal. The effect of this is an elevation of your vibrational and emotional energy. Before the breath retention phase you extend your exhale with deep vocal toning. This allows you to tap into the power of the vagus nerve, switch off stress and connect with your subconscious mind during the breath retention phase. When you pause your breath during the breath retention phase, you press pause on life. This allows you to go into a deep meditative state where you can connect with your subconscious mind. Using the power of affirmations, visualization techniques and self hypnosis you can program your subconscious operating system to influence your autonomic nervous system.

Space is limited for this event.

Location: NeuroMeditation Institute 115 W. 8th Ave., Ste. 360 Eugene, OR 97401

Sessions will begin promptly at 6:00 and the outside doors to the building are locked at 6:15. If you know you will be late, please notify us in advance so we can make accommodations. 

Cost: $25

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