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Many cultures and traditions have used a variety of sound healing methods to create balance in the body and mind. The vibrations generated by specific instruments, such as crystal bowls and gongs, can shift states of consciousness, alter brain wave patterns, and calm the nervous system. Energy Psychology, Qigong, and Yogic approaches also suggest that these frequencies can help cleanse and stabilize the human energy field. Sound meditation is a technique that often leads to a number of positive benefits, including feelings of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


At a fundamental level, everything is energy, including the things we believe are solid. Because of this, vibration of different frequencies can influence or directly affect us. In fact, many of the most innovative treatment modalities use some form of frequency in the form of light, sound, electromagnetic pulses, and electrical current to influence the physical body.

The impact that sound/vibration can have on physical structures can be demonstrated through a process called cymatics. The YouTube video below shows how a vibrating plate at different frequencies alters the geometric patterns on the surface.

Through processes of resonance and entrainment, the sounds and vibrations created by gongs, crystal bowls and similar instruments can have a variety of effects on the nervous system. We are currently in the process of collecting EEG data to demonstrate the impact soundmeditation can have on the brain. So far, the results are very interesting!You can experience this for yourself through one of our regular group classes or by scheduling an individual session.

At the NeuroMeditation Institute, our group sound meditation classes include instruction in breathwork, gentle yoga, and grounding. 

Group session: $25/person

Call 573-268-7867 or email dr.tarrant@hotmail.com to register. Space is limited.

Individual sessions can be made by appointment.