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  • United States


Learn how to bring it into your personal and professional life NOW. Join Dr. Stephanie Best as she connects the dots between the actual practices of mindfulness and the direct impact on the brain and daily functioning.

This seminar will go beyond traditional meditation practices to include mind-body strategies that intersect with other therapeutic approaches, such as biofeedback, mindfulness-in-motion, and nature-based strategies. Learn how and why certain mindfulness techniques are more effective than others at addressing symptoms of mood, anxiety, attention and “disorders of the self.” You will leave with an expanded mindfulness-based toolbox to share with your clients or students, strategies to help you begin or sustain your own personal mindfulness practice and the ability to synthesize and prioritize these tools to enhance their effectiveness.


$219.99| Single Registration

$199.99 | Single Registration: Advance Price (ends 12/29/2017)

$199.99 | 2+ Group Rate: per person

$30.00 | Coordinator