Clarify your meditation

Early meditators often complain that they do not know if they are “doing it right” or give up before realizing any significant benefits. Experienced meditators often hit a plateau in their practice and have difficulty moving through it to deeper states of meditation. Incorporating neurofeedback into a meditation practice can potentially help with these concerns, potentially increasing motivation, interest and impact. 

By providing the meditator with immediate feedback on their brainwave state during a meditation, we can help define and refine the process. In addition, because meditation and neurofeedback are both involved in the training of mental states, these practices can be used to enhance each other as a treatment intervention for specific mental health conditions such as ADHD, anxiety or depression.

Your EEG NeuroMeditation coach will work with you to help clarify your goals and concerns related to meditation as well as conduct a 19 channel quantitative EEG to help assess your baseline brainwave patterns. This process can be very helpful in clarifying which NeuroMeditation styles might be best suited for you. Subsequent sessions will combine neurofeedback with meditation instruction to help you focus your attention in the specific way each meditation style requires. Think of it as meditation training wheels! Typically, sessions will occur once weekly for 6- 12 weeks with practice at home to reinforce the skills involved in this form of mental training.

  • Package of 6 sessions: $840 ($140/session)

  • Package of 8 sessions: $1080 ($135/session)

  • Package of 12 sessions: $1500 ($125/session)

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