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  • 115 W. 8th Avenue Ste 360
  • Eugene, Oregon 97402
  • United States

Learn the Four Styles of NeuroMeditation in our weekly Drop-In Meditation Classes!

NeuroMeditation is the application of brain based principles to meditation practices. Based on the way attention is directed, based on our intention during the practice, and based on the way it impacts the brain, all meditations generally fall into one (or more) of 4 categories: Focus, Mindfulness, Quiet Mind and Open Heart. Choose your NeuroMeditation Style to best match your specific needs. Rejuvenate, recuperate, and advance your skills, drop in for any or all classes- no prior experience necessary.

Classes are Co-Led by Jeff Tarrant Ph.D. and Erika Patterson Ph.D., are held every Monday from 12:10-12:50pm, and are subject to cancellation.

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