NeuroMeditation Classes


Sound Meditation

Meditation & Relaxation Through Sound!

Vibrations generated by specific instruments, such as crystal bowls and gongs, can shift states of consciousness, alter brain wave patterns, and calm the nervous system.


6 Week Neuromeditation class

These 6 week courses take a scientific approach to the art and practice of meditation. Delve into one of the styles of NeuroMeditation in each series, getting a better understanding of the practice and how it can improve your life!


Drop-In Meditation Classes

Learn the 4 styles of NeuroMeditation in out weekly drop-in meditation classes! Discover what each style of practice can do for you and walk away with practical tips and a variety of seated and motion based techniques to improve your meditation! All experience levels welcome!

No Drop-In Classes For the Summer - Check back for the fall schedule!