NeuroMeditation Classes


Sound Meditation

Meditation & Relaxation Through Sound!

Vibrations generated by specific instruments, such as crystal bowls and gongs, can shift states of consciousness, alter brain wave patterns, and calm the nervous system.


Awakening breathwork

This is a 60-minute guided breathwork practice designed to supercharge your mind, body, and spirit into a higher state of vibration leading to a deep meditative bliss. This powerful combination of evocative music, guided breathwork, and group energy can lead to improved health, clear intentions, connection to inner truths, and even psychedelic experiences.


6 Week Neuromeditation class

These 6 week courses take a scientific approach to the art and practice of meditation. Delve into one of the styles of NeuroMeditation in each series, getting a better understanding of the practice and how it can improve your life!


Drop-In Meditation Classes

Learn the 4 styles of NeuroMeditation in out weekly drop-in meditation classes! Discover what each style of practice can do for you and walk away with practical tips and a variety of seated and motion based techniques to improve your meditation! All experience levels welcome!