Practical, effective, individualized meditation techniques

NeuroMeditation was developed by Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., through the exploration of meditation practices in a variety of educational, research, and clinical settings. He discovered that various meditation approaches were associated with specific brain regions, brainwave patterns, and states of consciousness. The NeuroMeditation Institute (NMI) was established in 2016 to advance this work and share this knowledge. The Mission of NMI is to further education, research, and service based on the practice of meditation from a scientific perspective. We provide classes, training, mentoring, and clinical service in the theory, process and methods of NeuroMeditation. We conduct research projects with partners across the United States, including StoryUp VR and the Center for Pranic Healing.

The NeuroMeditation Institute examines meditation in a very practical way. How can we use meditation to help us function more effectively? To address mental health issues? To achieve our goals? Since various meditation practices effect the brain and nervous system quite differently, we can now identify which practices are better suited for specific needs or mental health concerns. We believe that matching meditation styles in this way makes the practices more accessible and easier to learn. 


At the NMI in Corvallis, Oregon we offer weekly drop-in meditation classes every Monday at noon for donation. Each month, the drop-in classes target one of the NeuroMeditation styles. We also offer 6-week classes in each of the four NeuroMeditation styles. Check our calendar of events for upcoming classes and registration.

Education & Training

NMI provides a variety of didactic courses on the NeuroMeditation process. The basic 1-day workshop, titled “Mindfulness Based Interventions to Rewire the Brain” is taught throughout the United States. This workshop provides 6.25 CEU’s and fulfills the NMI-T certification requirements for a Level 1 training.

We also offer a 2-day hands-on workshop titled, “EEG NeuroMeditation,” sponsored through Stress Therapy Solutions. This workshop also serves as an introduction to the methods and process of NeuroMeditation, but with a specific emphasis on using neurofeedback in conjunction with the meditation process. In general, this workshop is oriented to neurotherapists with a background in EEG recording procedures. This workshop provides 14 CEU’s and fulfills the NMI-T requirements for a Level 1 training.


Individual and group mentoring is available by any of the NMI instructors (NMI-I). Mentoring can be designed to meet the specific needs of an individual or group such as developing a NeuroMeditation application for a specific population or treatment environment. Mentoring can take place in person, by phone or through a computer interface such as GoTo Meeting. Fifteen hours of mentoring is required for those seeking certification.


NMI is engaged in the exploration of the effects of NeuroMeditation practices on participants. By exploring the psychological, emotional, cognitive and brain-based changes occurring in the meditation process, we can further refine our understanding of the benefits and applications for meditation. Studies in progress include: “The impact of a 6-week Mindfulness NeuroMeditation program on stress and anxiety” and “The subjective and physiological impact of Virtual Reality on chronic stress and anxiety in the elderly.” Learn more here.

Clinical Service

Therapists at NMI offer individual sessions for clients that are interested in working with EEG NeuroMeditation. This process provides the ability to monitor brainwave activity in real time. Using this technology, we can provide audio signals to a meditator, letting them know if they are in the desired state of consciousness. This is a powerful tool to learn and advance any meditation practice, but can also be helpful with clients attempting to manage mental health concerns. If you would like more information about these services, please call us at 573-268-7867. A sample video of EEG NeuroMediation can be found below.